In 1952, Stanadyne entered and revolutionized the Diesel Fuel Injection market with the introduction of the first rotary distributor diesel fuel injection pump. Today, Stanadyne is known around the world as a leading supplier of diesel fuel systems and components. Stanadyne products are for engine applications in agriculture, construction, power generation, industrial, marine, and on-road vehicles. Stanadyne is based in the United States.

Stanadyne diesel pumps are found on diesel engines made by John Deere, Caterpillar, Perkins, Sisu, Case, New Holland, Ford.


Diesel Injection Services repair the following pumps


  • DB2 Rotary

  • DB4 and DB4 Target


We can also supply Fuel Manager®, a unique, patented, modular diesel fuel filter/water separator system used in trucks, automotive, heavy equipment, marine, industrial and agricultural diesel engines.

The completely modular system has interchangeable components that can be added or removed easily and independently. It can also be customised for virtually any application..



Performance Formula®

The premium all-season, multi-function diesel fuel additive, is designed to tackle virtually any diesel fuel related problem. We always keep this in stock, call in or phone today to see if it will help your engine.



Stanadyne Injectors

In 1967 Stanayne revolutionised injectors with their Pencil Nozzle®. Its compact size continues to provide the design flexibility that pump and injector manufacturers require to meet emissions standards. After 40 years, new variations of this groundbreaking injector design continue to be produced.

These injectors are found in John Deere tractors & Ford Transit Vans.

These injectors are not repairable, however we can test & supply new, authorised injectors.