We are able to repair the Siemens (Continental) Common rail pumps.

At present the injectors  can be tested, however not all injectors are repairable. If we cannot repair the injector, however, we have access to authorised suppliers and keep a number of common injectors in stock.
The Piezo Common Rail (PCR) diesel injection system supplied by SIEMENS Continental is a 2nd generation common rail injection system for which piezo controlled injectors are utilized.
It consists of the Diesel Common Rail Pump (DCP), the Rail (storage line), the high pressure pipes and the Piezo controlled injectors.


Types of pumps include:

DV4TD 1.4L pump found on

  • Ford Fusion

  • Ford C-Max

  • Ford Fiesta

  • Citroen C2

  • Citroen C3

  • Peugeot 107

  • Peugeot 1007

DW10B (2.0L 4 Valve engine) pump found on

  • Volvo V50, S40

  • Peugeot 307, 407,607,807

  • Ford C-Max

  • Citroen Xsara

  • Citroen C5, C8

DW10TD (2.0L 2 valve engine) pump found on

  • Peugeot Partner

  • Peugeot 307

  • Peugeot 407

  • Citroen Berlingo


Renault 1.5L (K9K)

  • Nissan (Quashquai, Tida etc)

  • Renault