40 years of diesel pump and injector repair

Liam Gleeson founded Diesel Injection Services in 1981 with the help of his late father and continues to run the business today, alongside his wife Geraldine. With extensive experience in the repair of diesel pumps and injectors, Liam has undergone training with Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Stanadyne and Siemens and is a Bosch certified systems technician and certified auto engineer. He is one of the most experienced diesel mechanics in the country.

The last twenty years have seen an enormous change in the nature of the diesel business and Diesel Injection Services have invested time and money in ensuring that we keep pace with these changes.

  • Michelle Coleman is responsible for the garage and booking in vehicles.

  • Noreen Coleman looks after the store and organises pump and injector repair in the workshop.

  • Geraldine Gleeson is the company secretary & helps running all areas of the business.

  • Claire Fox (Liam's Daughter) has now joined us to help in all areas of administration.

  • Rosemary Norton works part time in the office.


Eamon at Delphi training school

Eamon at Delphi training school


John Ryan, John Slattery and Liam Gleeson are our experienced mechanics  and they look after vehicles diagnostics and remove & refit of all vehicles that we work on in the garage.


In the workshop we have five technicians

  • Eamon Gleeson (Liam's brother) works mainly on common-rail pumps.

  • Andrzej Majewski worked as a diesel specialist in Poland before moving to Ireland and now works particularly with agricultural pumps and injectors.

  • Paddy English is responsible for our DENSO injector repair & also works on Bosch common-rail injector repair. Paddy has just completed training in the repair of Bosch CP4 pumps.

  • Evan Comerford works with Denso Injectors and is being trained in more areas of the business all the time.

  • Liam Gleeson is a Bosch Systems Technician and a certified auto engineer. Liam oversees all work in the workshop & garage.